Maison Tini’s Top Tips for planning a Kids Birthday Party!

Maison Tini’s Top Tips for planning a Kids Birthday Party!

, by Neil Dey, 3 min reading time

With the weather heating up in Dubai, and summer just around the corner,  we've got you covered with our Top Tips for organizing an unforgettable birthday party for your Tini during the warmer months!

  • Start Early: 
Research indoor party venues well ahead of time as availability can be limited during the hottest months.
    • Choose the Perfect Date: 
    Check for holidays and school events to maximize attendance and avoid scheduling conflicts.

      • Venue First: 
      Book your favorite party venue early, considering accessibility, amenities, and capacity. Maison Tini offers fantastic indoor spaces which are perfect for a unique indoor party for your tini.
        • Morning Magic:
        Whilst afternoons are usually the most popular for kids parties, consider the morning time slot - there is usually better availability for venues and entertainers, and can be easier for younger children as it doesn’t clash with nap times!
          • Budget Wisely: 
          Most venues will charge extra to arrange catering, decorations and a cake - assess your budget, and consider arranging these yourself, if the venue allows it (which we do at Maison Tini 😉). 
            • Bundle Booking: 
            Simplify your planning by booking venue hire and activities together - here at Maison Tini, we have a great range of themed party packages which include the venue hire and activities in one. 


              • Plan It Out: 
              Create a detailed party plan to ensure everything runs smoothly, from setting up the decorations and food, to the final clean-up. Most venues have limited time allowed either side of your party booking time for set-up and pack up so having a plan is ideal! 
                • Utilize Online Tools:
                Digital Invites can save so much time when inviting your guests to the party. Free websites such as Canva, have an amazing range of templates to choose from, and are simple to design your very own digital invite to share with your child's friends. 
                  • Order Essentials Online: 
                  Save time and stress by ordering party supplies and decorations online on Amazon or our favorite party experts, Boxfetti - opt for throw away plates, cups and cutlery to minimize the clean up afterwards.
                    • Serve Individual Portions of Food:
                    Individual servings of party food cater to varied dietary needs and minimize waste. There are some great places that offer individually packed servings of kids party food - talk to team tini for our favorite recommendations!

                      We hope these tips make your party planning a breeze! Reach out to us for more information on our Birthday Party Packages and make your tini’s birthday celebration a unique and magical experience at Maison Tini!


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